Gatekeeper Workshops & Life Skills training

Has been conducted all over Goa since 2015 reaching out to teachers, principals , students, doctors, community health workers, government employees, religious, media, PTAs, Police personnel & student counselors.
Gatekeeper workshop is a 90 minute workshop designed to provide professionals and paraprofessionals with a wide range of skills and knowledge to improve their ability and confidence to work with suicidal people and make referrals to professional help.


I got in contact with COOJ through a work friend. I have been helping a troubled teen for a while, but with my knowledge on how to go about with suicidal teens is very limited to what I know, I needed some professional help. COOJ has proved to be invaluable with their amazing support and have been ever ready to help out, no matter the hour. I am extremely grateful for their commendable work in the field of Suicide Prevention…… Sherwin Futardo (22 yrs Asst. Professor at PCCE )

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